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The New Orleans Art Center:

The New Orleans Art Center is the largest gallery in the Bywater. We are delighted to show local artist from our location in  the city's "Saint Claude Arts District." Located in the heart of the ninth ward and the Bywater.
 Our goal is to help local artist support themselves in a sustainable method.  Since opening in the beginning of 2015 the New Orleans Art Center has proudly exhibited over 500 artists in our 6,500 sq ft show space. Thank you so much for visiting our web-site please visit the gallery on your trip to New Orleans.

 ​   New exhibit each 2nd Saturday​​

"Collecting at its best is very far from mere acquisitiveness; it may become one of the most humanistic of occupations, seeking to illustrate by the assembling of significant reliques, the march of the human spirit in its quest for beauty..."
(Arthur Davison Ficke)

Contemporary Art Gallery

Proud to be part of the Bywater & St Claude Art District

Home of the ByWater Biennial and the La Femme art exhibits!
We are excited to present diverse rotating exhibitons featuring emerging and well-established artists.  New exhibitions open on the 2nd Saturday evening of each month and we invite all art lovers, supporters, collectors to join us and celebrate the unique artists of the New Orleans community and their work.  All artwork is for sale and we offer a range of work-  Something for everyone!  Your support helps artists to continue their work, the gallery to feature major exhibitions, and the community to thrive!

Open Daily 10am - 6pm & by appt.

Here every Monday night from 7-10pm  $12 per session, bring your own materials, RSVP 707-338-8478

MI CASA ES SU CASA  New Orleans Art Center is a great venue for dance, performances, music, networking/work/party socials, etc.  If you have a creative event, fundraiser, artist workshop or class, please call us and discuss how we can work together to bring your idea to fruition- for a one-time event or sessions of an ongoing nature.  Call us at 504-383-4765.  Let's get together!

UPSTAIRS STUDIOS AVAILABLE We still have several studios available.  Includes a large common area.  Enjoy the exchange of ideas & company of other working artists and of course, Ziggy- the resident dog!

Current Show

Africa in Africa

Special Event April 12th
Please join us and take advantage of this opportunity to support this wonderful cause while acquiring one of these exquisite pieces of art.

6 pm - 9 pm Friday April 12th 2019

Second Saturday
 April 13th Opening Reception

Africa in Africa

       Featured Artist Gustavo Duque

National Medical Fellowships’ (NMF)

Our mission is to provide scholarships and support for underrepresented minority students in medicine and the health professions.
NMF’s goal is to identify and nurture tomorrow’s diverse healthcare leaders, who will have the knowedge, skills, cultural competency and commitment to achieve health equity. NMF achieves this by providing scholarships, awards, and service-learning programs to underrepresented minority students in medicine and the health professions.
There is a shortage of physicians and other healthcare professionals in the United States, especially in medically under-served communities and communities of color. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, it is estimated that the US will be short anywhere from 46,000 to 90,000 physicians by 2025. Combined with an aging population and the approximately 30 million currently uninsured Americans who will become eligible for healthcare services as a result of the Affordable Care Act, we are facing a looming healthcare crisis. To learn more about NMF or to donate, please go to:
The "Africa In Africa" exhibit is a collaborative effort with a purpose - raising funds for minority medical and health professional students. The Exhibit was conceived by Artist Gustavo Duque and African Art Collector, Professor William E. Bertrand, PhD.
This show highlights the true diversity of tribal arts and how traditional images have informed and inspired current visual artists.
The universal creativity that bridges the traditional arts and seen through the prism of different cultures and religions and art - a diversity of perspectives for our diverse society brought together by the common language of artistic expression.
Proceeds from the Exhibition will support National Medical Fellowships mission. 

                      April 13 thru May 6, 2019

This is a wonderful cause that we at New Orleans Art Center are proud and extremely enthusiastic about presenting.  The exhibit is scheduled during the month of April and we will be donating proceeds to the American Medical Fellowship with the hope of assisting locals interested in pursuing the medical field as a career choice.

Recent Exhibition
"Rolling Out the RedCarpet" and "Spirit of Home II"
through March 31st 2019"

 Expect Delight

This exhibit features large bodies of diverse work by the following New Orleans based artists and runs thru July 31st. Featured artists include @Omar Alaoui, Sergio Alvarez, Muffin Bernstein, @ Mary Ann Breen, Hernan D Caro, Luis Colmenares, Rene Denet, Eric Felton, Jillian Gibson, Jim Grice, Owen Haddow, Ben Hamburger, Ann Hornback, Christina Juran, Herman Kron, George McClements, Larry Daniel Nevil, Kraig Richard, Cynthia Scott, Colleen Shannon, Jim Sohr, Eric A. Waters, Heather Weathers, Summer White.  Paintings, Sculpture, Mixed-Media, Glass Work, and Photography.

So much work to talk about!
Come experience the world of Larry Daniel Nevil in paintings and carved sculpture in stone and wood. Great interview with Larry Daniel Nevil by Milwaukee Radio Broadcastor Skrauss who was in town and took great interest in his work .  Listen to the artist interview and you will gain special insights into his work.

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and love art you will love the glasswork of Kraig Richard. Music, always in the soul of New Orleans.  Takes on special meaning and passion in the abstract paintings by George McClements. Eric Waters photogaphry series on the clarinets of Dr. Michael White, submerged during Katrina, are haunting rich and beautiful. Cynthia Scott has a series of lamps that light up the many pushes and pulls of our envronment. Beautiful and ironic. Heather Weathers work is whitty, clever, always thoughtful with a twist. Hernan Caro exhibits a figurative series of paintings as well as paintings that combine his metal sculptures and wall pieces. You will be drawn into the tiny yet massive world of MaryAnn Breen. Luis Colmenares always brings joy with his colorful, playful large scale sculptures perfect for foyers in office or homes. And many many more delights...

Wonderful review in Gambit Magazine by Eric Bookhardt with special focus on Jim Sohr, Ann Hornback, and Larry Daniel Nevil.

 Kolaj Fest!

Special exhibit "Ménage À Collaga" opens on July 12th to coincide with Kolaj Fest New Orleans. Opens within our current exhibit "Expect Delight.” Opening Reception is on Sat., July 14th, 6-10pm. We have a line-up of 7 very exciting collage artists, Keith Duncan, Michael Fedor, Dama Fountain, duo Barbie L'Hoste/Brandt Vicknair, Josh Hailey and Britney Penouilh. Also included are artists Jillian Gibson whose collage paintings are part of Expect Delight and one unique collage painting by Larry Daniel Nevil. L'Hoste and Vicknair create new worlds from old abandonments where photographs printed on canvas are combined with mixed media elements. For Fedor, “Collage making is the active place where his inner diety of the unknown embraces chaos, and its laws of magic, chance and synchronicity.” Fountain's exquisite collages have been produced and used each year for the last 20 years as the annual commemorative posters for The Social & Marching Club Mondo Kayo. Artist Keith Duncan is known for his collage paintings that frequently use satire to create dialogue. His paintings, drawn from many different materials, often depict nature and time into large mixed media paintingpolitical, historical, and cultural stories of past and present. Britney Penouilh combines her passion for geology,


"Specially Nawlins"

A special group showing including more than 20 artists and running until the beginning of June.
Rene Denet
Hernan Caro
Omar Alaoui
Jim Sohr
Morgan Molthrop
Christina Juran
Working on it.

Of Expression, Impression
        and the Everyday

Go Local

Great group of local artists curated by Chritina Juran. hours 12 noon -6 pm

Opening Reception Saturday February 10th 6 - 10 pm

Christina Juran

Christina Juran

Larry Daniel Nevil

Larry Daniel Nevil

George McClements

Glenn Miller

Christina Juran

Of Expression, Impression and the Everyday
Black-eyed Susans
Blues After Sunset
Reclamation Blues
Marie Laveau 
Larry Daniel Nevil
George McClements
A Group of Local Artists
"Of Expression Impression and the Everyday"
 Curated by Christina Juran
Visitors are telling us this is our best show to date
Marching Diety
Magnolia Glory
Glenn Miller
Christina Juran
Hours noon til 6 pm daily

Building a Peaceable Community

The Dangerous Ambiguity of Guns

The Pornography of War

         New Orleans Art Center
3330  Saint Claude Avenue - NOLA

Bywater Biennial

November 11th through December 30th